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We at Alka Pharmaceuticals are dedicated to the highest level of scientific excellence and commit our research to improving human healthcare. Alka Pharmaceuticals has grown to become one of India's most respected pharmaceutical companies. It is committed to delivering better health through superior products. By combining strategic research and in-depth industry knowledge, Alka Pharmaceuticals aims to transform itself into a global pharmaceutical drug company with an increasing focus on cutting- edge research and developed markets.

With years of research & dedicated service, ALKA Pharmaceuticals has developed several high quality pharmaceutical formulations including Anti-Biotics, Analgesic, Anti- Inflammatory, Anti-Pyretics, Anti-Ulcerants, Antacids,Cardiac, Hypoglycaemic Agents, Anti-Diarrhoeal, Miscellaneous Drugs, Multivitamins, Minerals, Nutrients & Enzymes among others.

Apart from running its own manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, ALKA PHARMACEUTICALS under its technical supervision has outsourced its job work to 12 other factories spread all across India.


Manufacturing of highest quality pharmaceutical products with ethical standards and obligations to do right just and fair, keeping in mind the social responsibilities to contribute to be the better health care of the society


To be the leader in the pharmaceutical industry